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July 15, 2008

Violence in Zimbabwe takes a really ugly turn

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If reports of ZANU-PF using mercenaries to hunt down and butcher MDC people is true, then we are facing a kind of “ethnic cleansing” in Zimbabwe, albeit aimed at a political party rather than a tribe.

Reports that they are cutting out people’s tongues and removing their genitals point to these murders having an element of so-called “witchcraft” about them.  In South African terms, such human body parts are used in buthi preparations and are part of the practice of butsakatsi (translated as “witchcraft”).

It might well be that the cutting out of tongues and removal of genitals is intended to give the impression that butsakatsi is involved and it is just another ugly form of violence, but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some elements within the ZANU-PF group would resort to using dark magic in their bid to cling to power.

All possible pressure must be brought to bear on the ZANU-PF group to cease and desist from these activities.  Another genocide in Africa is not in any way acceptable.

Giving ZANU-PF the time and space to kill off their rivals is exactly what South African President Mbeki should not be doing.  By the time that Mbeki shuffles off into political ignominity in 9 or 10 months’ time, most of the MDC officials and party members could be dead.  Is opposition to ZANU-PF deserving of death, President Mbeki?


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